Acupuncture For Pets


Acupuncture is a time honored unique therapy that has been in practice successfully in Asia for 3000 years. The premise behind it is that stimulation of specific anatomical locations results in changes biochemically within the body. This can result in improved circulation, pain relief, facilitating healing, as well as effects such as appetite stimulation and strengthening of the immune system. Modern scientific studies have been able to document many of these specific biochemical changes that can be induced with stimulation of certain areas, and variations in effects that occur when certain patterns of treatments are employed.

 Dr. Keena became interested in acupuncture herself after having experienced firsthand some very powerful success with this therapy performed on her as a patient. She has also seen veterinary patients, including several of her own animals, benefit substantially when her colleagues have shared their acupuncture expertise. These experiences motivated her to want to learn how she might be able to help her patients with this treatment option.

Dr. Keena studied veterinary acupuncture extensively in 2011 at The Chi Institute in Florida, which is an international leader in teaching this medical skill. This was very much a “hands-on” course, with monthly on site lectures and labs, a huge amount of offsite homework, and challenging testing.  It was an amazing, difficult, and totally worthwhile experience.

Dr. Keena has practiced conventional medicine now for over 17 years, and it is her goal to integrate the use of traditional medicine along with this holistic option to decrease effects of disease and to improve the quality of life for her patients.  She is very excited to be able to offer the benefits of this medical treatment option to her patients.   Dr. Keena shares, “I think it is important for the patients that I serve that I have been on the receiving end of acupuncture, as well as the giving end. I know how powerful it can be, and I am very motivated to serve them well.”

 If you are interested in scheduling acupuncture for your pet, she usually recommends starting with a brief visit to get acquainted – Dr. Keena will perform a physical examination and discuss prior medical concerns, medications in use, and allow your pet to “get acquainted.” There are usually a lot of treats involved here! The needle placement sessions last approximately 20-30 minutes. This can immediately follow the initial visit, however, if your pet is spooked by new people, it can be less intimidating for the pet to meet Dr. Keena once, and have the first needle session at a subsequent visit.  We like to schedule them either late morning or early afternoon, to take advantage of the quieter office environment at that time. Some clients want to be with their pet, but we encourage you to leave your pet for the treatment.  Most conditions respond best to a series of treatments, although some animals will feel different right away.  Typically, Dr. Keena recommends treatments to be spaced 2 weeks apart. The interval frequency can be lengthened quite a lot in many cases after several sessions.

To get started, please call us at 360-871-3335 to coordinate a time.  Dr. Keena is in the clinic on Mondays and Saturdays regularly.  We will be looking forward to helping your pet any way that we can!