Rebates and Rewards Center

Manufactures such as Novartis, Nutramax and Ceva, and Merck offer rebates and rewards from the products you purchase from us.  Check here to see if there is a rebate or reward program available from these manufacturers.  If you need a copy of the invoice, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 360-871-3335.  We can provide you a copy of the invoice for you to pick up as well via email.

Examples of products from Novartis that have periodic rebates are Adequan, Atopica, Capstar, Deramaxx, and Sentinel.  Go to

Nutramax-  Dasuquin and Denamarin.

Ceva-  Adaptil and Feliway.

Merck-  Bravecto and Activyl.