Pet Behavior

At Woodside Animal Hospital we are committed to not only keeping your pet physically healthy but attending to their behavioral health as well. In the United States, the leading cause of death in companion animals is unresolved behavioral concerns, surpassing cancer, infectious disease, trauma and dying of natural causes!! In many cases early recognition and treatment can either resolve or greatly improve both your pets' and your family's experience together. Please don't hesitate to bring behavioral questions to our staff sooner rather than later so we can get you the answers you need.

We trust the Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists at Animal Behavior Associates Inc to bring you behavior information, products, and resources that are effective and based on scientific information. Please visit and to find the products we have recommended. Additionally, we can provide other detailed printed material relevant to specific concerns during our behavioral consultation appointments.


We welcome your feedback on these products and resources. Feel free to call and give us a report after you have viewed, listened to, or read them.