Spring is here again and with the warm, sunny weather coming, so are the nasty flea and ticks.

Tell those fleas and ticks to take a hike and join us for our Spring Bravecto Contest!


If you aren't familiar with the product, Bravecto is a prescription flea and tick product for cats and dogs that lasts for three months with one dose! Bravecto is a great flea and tick preventative for those pet parents that like a simple, long-lasting solution or are very active outdoors (i.e walking, hiking, camping, etc.) with their pets.

Since Bravecto is an excellent option for nature-loving pet families, thanks to our sponsor of this contest, Merck, we are giving away a hiking themed basket! The winner of our grand prize will win several items to help you enjoy the great outdoors! 

                                     Bravecto Prize

Included is: 

  • A dog hiking book
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Hands-free dog walking leash
  • Dog treat pouch
  • Waste bag dispenser
  • Collapsible dog water bowl
  • Bio-degradable poop bags
  • ThermoFlask water bottle
  • A Merek tumbler
  • Sam’s Yam sweet potato treats
  • $25 REI gift card and……..
  • Roadie 20 YETI cooler


Entering our Spring Bravecto Contest is very simple! Here are the ways you can earn entries to our contest:

  • Purchasing a dose of Bravecto. This can be done either in hospital, on our online store, or through our new VitusVet App = 1 entry per dose.
  • Purchasing a year’s worth of Bravecto for each pet (4 boxes total) = 5 entries
  • Like & Follow our Facebook Page = 1 entry
  • Participating in flea and tick trivia posts on our Facebook Page = 1 entry
  • Sending us a picture or a video of your pet receiving Bravecto = 5 entries

The contest officially starts on Tuesday, April 17th  and will end on May 31st, so make sure that you don’t miss out on the chance to win! If you have already purchased Bravecto earlier in the month of April, your purchase will be counted towards the grand prize drawing. The winner will be announced on a Facebook live video during the first week of June.

The winner must be able to come pick up the prize at our location in Port Orchard, WA. 

Got questions? Please feel free to email us at contact@woodsideanimalhospital.com or call at (360)871-3335.

Disclaimer: Bravecto requires a prescription from your veterinarian. It is important and that your pet is up to date on their annual exams.